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Kaffe Curve
KCmalena Waistcoat
€ 79.95 
- 50%
Black Deep
Kaffe Curve
€ 49.97€ 99.95

Complete your look with the right plus size jacket from COFFEE CURVE

At KAFFE CURVE we cannot get enough of jackets for curvy women, and we have therefore put heart and soul into developing a delicious and varied selection of jackets for you on this page. Explore our wide range of plus size jackets and find exactly the jacket you've always dreamed of.

If you are looking for a regular jacket, one of our trench coats might be for you. These jackets are beautiful and classic, and with a trench coat from KAFFE CURVE, you are guaranteed a lovely material that fits comfortably on the body. You can also jump in one of our bomber jackets, which have a nice fit and are typically made with zipper and pockets on the side, so you can bring the most practical things on the go. These jackets from KAFFE CURVE are perfectly suitable for transition temperatures, which we typically have in the transition from summer to autumn and from winter to spring.

There are many more options within jackets at KAFFE CURVE, which suits you with beautiful curved lines and shapes – and which dares to be themselves. So no matter what kind of jacket you're looking for, you can definitely find just the one you're looking for at KAFFE CURVE. You can also divide specifically according to what you are looking for from jackets. For example, if you know that you are looking for a black jacket, you can click on "Filter" at the top, and then the overview of all our black jackets will appear. In this way, we make it easy and manageable for you to shop your new jacket at KAFFE Curve.

At KAFFE CURVE we have made it easy to shop your new jacket. Add your favourite to the basket, click order and we’ll deliver your order. Want to know more about KAFFE CURVE and stay updated on our delicious selection of jackets? Sign up for our newsletter and enjoy the many benefits, where you will be the first to be notified of good offers and new items.